5 Hours Per Month

  • Starting Package
  • Ideal for Families
  • Great for Freelancers
  • Perfect for Short, Ongoing Tasks

15+ Hours Per Month

  • Best Value!
  • Great for Large Projects
  • Ideal for Small – Medium Businesses
  • More Efficient Than Hiring a New Employee

10 Hours Per Month

  • Assign Any Task
  • Ideal for Startups
  • Ideal for Work/Personal Overlap
  • Great for Recurring Tasks

Calculate the Savings

Step 1. Quantify the Value of Your Time

Your time is probably worth between $100 and $400 an hour. Besides money, what is an hour of undivided time with your family worth? Or an hour doing the work only you can do for your business?

Step 2. Subtract Our Affordable Rate

Consider the value of your time. Then subtract the cost of paying us to handle menial, time-consuming tasks. Our affordable rates will save you hundreds of dollars a month.

Step 3. Enjoy Your Money & Time​

Not only will you save money by delegating. You’re able to focus your energy on the tasks that matter most. There are things you do that no one else can — that’s where you should be spending your time.